Rhythmic Gymnastics 14×14 “Elite” with fretwork (Soft Polyester)


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Our Rhythmic Gymnastics mat is one of the best valued and most sold in Spain and Europe.

This Gymnastics Mat has been developed over many years to offer the best performance and features at an affordable price.

We have added many improvements to our carpets in order to improve their durability.

Soft polyester is a fiber very similar to polyamide but softer and less abrasive, as well as being more economical.

We have been using this new material for several years and many customers are already repeating.

We have two different qualities:

The quality can be“Elite 9mm” or “Light 7mm” which refers to the thickness of the hair.

  • Elite: Our highest quality of manufacturing, undoubtedly the best option if you are looking for a more consistent tapestry, its quality is visually appreciated.
  • Light: The most economical gymnastics mat, but not low quality, perfect for training or competition, many are surprised by its quality.


All our tapestries are bordered all around. In addition to reinforcements on the sides to prevent fraying so common in gymnastics mats.

Standard size of 14×14 meters established by the International Gymnastics Federation.

Homologated by the Andalusian Gymnastics Federation.

The best Rhythmic Gymnastics mats at the best price.

For customized tapestries you can contact us at CONTACT US.

Phone +34 609165827

Additional Info

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