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FIG Standards for Rhythmic Gymnastics mats


Regarding the homologation of the rhythmic gymnastics mats I want to clarify and publish what is stated in the FIG rules regarding the characteristics that must be met and that I publish below:

FIG Apparatus Norms 2018
II RG 1 01.01.2015 69
Use – Rhythmic Gymnastics
Construction / Description of material, measurements, Form, Color.
The Performance Area shall have a square format. The surface must be horizontal, even and without gaps.
Border : Horizontal, even, and at the same height as the performance area.
Safety zone: The safety zone shall be kept totally free as a surrounding zone around the performance area and the border. It shall be horizontal, even and without gaps.
Direction of carpet seams: If the surface is composed of several parallel carpet rolls, the seams shall be perpendicular to the direction of the judges’ tables.
The performance area shall be composed by a damping under – construction and an overlying carpet.
Performance area 1300 x 1300 cm
Tolerance +/- 3 cm
Diagonals of the performance area: 1838 cm +/- 5cm
Border (25 + 25) 50 cm
Safety border 200 cm
Border as a variant
Horizontal Area, Width 25 cm
Slope max. 20 %, Width 25 cm
When there is a delimitation strip between the performance area and the
border: Width of the delimitation strip 5 cm +/- 0,5 cm
The delimitation strip is part of the performance area.
Performance area and border :

  • Equal elasticity on the surface as well as dampening.
  • When in use it should not have any motion energy.
  • Elasticity and dampening must be balanced in such a way that they
    guarantee the gymnast stability and freedom of movement. It must not
    restrict turns and slide movements.
  • The surface cover of the performance area must provide a balance
    between anti-skid and slippage. It must not cause skin burns.
  • The performance area must not produce disturbing sound during the
    execution of an exercise. It must assure a low noise level.
    Of plain color which choice is left to the manufacturer’s discretion. Dark
    colors are not allowed. For certain events the FIG may stipulate the colors.
    The delimitation shall have a clear contrast to the performance area.
    Norms / Functional properties
    Regarding tests carried out by FIG Tests Institutes: please see chapter IV

Important aspects for what is the tapestry (surface):

  • The surface coverage of the area of action should provide a balance
    between anti-slip and slip. It should not cause skin burns.
  • The interpreting area must not produce a disturbing sound during the
    execution of an exercise.

I am also attaching a pdf with the complete FIG standards (for this material the information is from page 70 onwards).

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