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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Experts in Rhythmic Gymnastics carpets. We work continuously to offer our customers the best RG Carpet at the best price. We have 2 types of material: Soft Polyester and Polyamide 100% and two qualities: Elite and Light

Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic Gymnastics equipment for all levels, both female, male and junior. Wide range of Apparatus and Mats. Highest quality for both competition and training.

Trampoline modality

All types of trampolines available, with adjusted prices and high quality. We also have different Mini Tramp. Consult any doubt with our professionals and get a personalized quote.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Sales (2021)

Soft Polyester Carpets
Polyamide 100% Carpets
Mini RG Carpets
Why choose Soft polyester? 


We have increased the quality of all our Soft Polyester carpets by adding more pile per m2.


Our material has a softer feel than Polyamide. It also has a high NO-abrasion capacity.


One of the key factors. The prices of Soft Polyester vs Polyamide make many opt for Soft Polyester.

RG Carpets (Soft polyester)
RG Carpets (Polyamide 100%)


The characteristics of our carpets are detailed below. Explaining all the improvements added during all these years. In addition to the FIG rules for carpets.

FIG Standards

All our mats comply with all the characteristics and requirements demanded by the FIG for the development of the Rhythmic Gymnastics activity on the mat. In short, the mats must be NON-abrasive. For competitions the measurements must be 14×14 meters and a safety zone delimited on the mat at 13×13 meters.


Febega edges the borders of the Rhythmic Gymnastics carpet with high quality to avoid the natural fraying of the carpets. We also reinforce the sides to make the synthetic jute backing last longer. We have also increased the amount of pile per m2 in all our qualities. Consult the characteristics in detail.

Mini RG Carpets
Mini Tapiz Gimnasia Rítmica (2×1,5)
Mini Tapiz Gimnasia Rítmica (2×2)
Mini Tapiz Gimnasia Rítmica (2×3)
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Artistic Gymnastics

Official distributor of Gao Fei Sports, we have been working for a long time with this great Chinese manufacturer, due firstly to the quality of the materials and secondly to their very economical prices. Gao Fei has a lot of experience in the sector, they are the main manufacturer of equipment in China and we are delighted to be able to work with them offering the best customer service.


High quality Gao Fei trampolines. We have available different models, both competition and training. Mini Tramp and double Mini Tramp. Air tracks and much more… 

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